“A diary,

documenting a life in hiding;

her pen,

an ally in the fighting,

inciting a literary rebellion

against Svengalis and Nazis—


tearing body and flesh

to pieces;

spitting out bones

like animals,

praying in the name of Jesus”

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Just walkin into a room
requires all the courage
I can muster.
Exposed like a nerve.
Afraid to smile.
Do I let you in—
a place you don’t deserve
to make fun of my face
and call me “Herman Munster”?
Walkin up,
wearin Supreme,
holdin my skateboard,
takin jokes to the extreme,
trying to find my tribe,
my people group.
I’ll know when I’m home:
kind eyes find me
as collective lips pronounce,
“We-e-e a-a-are Groo-oot!”

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“…distinguishing our friends on TikTok

from the system failure of the Matrix,

fictional agents who trip on the trip-wire

of a progressive déjà vu,

sounding the alarm for Pokémon

like Pikachu,

whose evolution to Raichu

seals the demise

of politicians and preachers

who wear a postmodern disguise.”

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Those who live for the glamor and spotlight

drink drops of disco

that rages into the night.

Forget your westward expansion;

leave a fossil footprint of what’s right.

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The neon sign

to the promised land

has faded.

To the working-class

happy endings

are overrated. 

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The Ragman stopped his cart. Quietly, he walked to the woman, stepping round tin cans, dead toys, and Pampers.

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Category: Poetry, Suffering

This poem was inspired by Cornelius Plantinga’s book Not the Way It’s Supposed to Be and the lyrics to Cake’s song “Rock ‘n’ Roll Lifestyle.”   Bellyful.   Passive-aggressive bomb Or self-medicated napalm?   The neglect of this rhyme Revives the justification of your dime   Spent on supersized fries While kids in the Congo…

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My superhero alarm clock

Double-dares me to suit-up

For PE’s mile hike

Up life’s strange coming-of-age,

A call to braces, acne, and puberty.

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Category: Poetry, Suffering

I look outside my window

And wonder why others’

Faces aren’t melting,

Feeling the nuclear devastation

Of your leaving

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I felt like Icarus, whose hubris led him to fly too close to sun, which melted wax on his shoulders, causing feathers to unfasten, and thus his hope of freedom to come crashing down like one of Zeus’s lightning bolts.

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