Arts & Apologetics Conference


It’s finally here… The Arts & Apologetics Conference at Capo Beach Church (CBC) in Dana Point, March 17-18. This is a unique conference that marries rational apologetics to imaginative apologetics, the art of defending truth claims and the art of creatively expressing truth claims. Purchase ticket here.

World class speakers will be discussing topics, such as the trustworthiness of Scripture, God’s justice for all, evidence for the crucifixion and resurrection, gender and sexuality, decolonizing the Christian mind, and wokeness and happiness, which will complement imaginative expressions of faith by brilliant Christian artists.

Your ticket to the conference will cover the fee to the Tabernacle Experience at CBC from March 16th thru 21st. One step inside the Tabernacle Courtyard will transport you into Old Testament times. You will experience a day in the life of a priest as you engage in the duties and rituals within the Tabernacle.

Also, CBC will be providing free childcare (K-5th grade) both days, Friday and Saturday. But Friday, CBC is offering Cold-case Christianity, which will inspire your kids to seek truth, to love Jesus, to have a new fascination with the Bible, and to become the kinds of truth detectives who can make a difference in our world.

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Vampires as a whole mock the celebration of Christmas on December 25th, knowing that it’s merely a placeholder on the Julian calendar. But don’t mistake these vampires for blood-sucking atheists. They believe wholeheartedly in the power of Jesus’s blood. They observe Maundy Thursday as the most important day of the year. Conversely, on that day, true believers partake of the sacrament of communion as Christ showed them what it truly means to be devoted to God and to each other. But for these hideous creatures, the body and blood of Christ are a means to an end of survival. They believe Jesus to be the last prophet in “the order of Cain” these last 1,500 years, to save them from one called “the Impaler.”

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“When I was ambitiously young,

looking to grow my Nebu brand

and my Chaldean kingdom,

prophecy struck:

“an invisible hand hewed a rock

from the Mountain

that struck the base of the fountain

that raised to life a statue

with metal alloys and clay parts.

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In order to invoke imagination, we must break free from the contempt of illusion by appealing to the wondrous child in people. Doubt is the current condition; impartiality is the preferred attitude; familiarity—the hackneyed cavity; and so the method is to strike the “nerve of novelty” (as Chesterton brilliantly puts it), in order to achieve the goal of being winsome, like a fetching story…

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