Light and Wine


As sensitive (artistic) souls, those of us who have the capacity to hold in the most light, light that shines brightest from fragile jars that are living miracles of the conversion of the sweetest wine from the sludge of the darkest and deepest bayous, we were designed as living metaphors of empathy and dependency. We were created special, sensitive yes, but special, set apart as reflective mirrors of emotions, carrying and releasing soothing sighs and sounds that caress other sensitive (artistic) souls, as well as receiving the lifegiving light and wine from their fragile jars.

Without God, we instinctively cram as much dark matter—“matter” that cannot be detected by the human eye—into our new wineskins until we crack. But this is not necessarily a punishment. No. It’s as natural as the law of cause-and-effect, destructive yes, but an effect nonetheless. Still, it’s more. In the divine realm, it’s a double-edged sword of grace, swirling together both the natural and the supernatural, which yields a thousand tears of repentance.

However, in the kingdom made by human hands, this means-to-end of dark matter—treating others as a means to our end—knows no escape from the black hole of hiding in plain sight. Those who treat us as dark matter suffer just as we do except for the implication that they’re better at hiding their green sludge under their pillows so they can sleep at night or perhaps they’re better at pretending that their swampland is prime real-estate and thus they’re ultimately unable to start the transformation of the photonic process of light or the fermentation of wine unlike those of us with sensitive (artistic) souls, who can’t help but hurt in plain sight.

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Sari Delagneau
Sari Delagneau
5 months ago

Such an evocative, gorgeous piece of prose. (And the artwork you curate for your pieces adds such a beautiful element to the words that follow.) Your sensitive soul shines through in the words you write and illuminates the path for others who are like-minded in their pursuit of purity, holiness and righteousness. What a gift you have!

6 months ago



Vampires as a whole mock the celebration of Christmas on December 25th, knowing that it’s merely a placeholder on the Julian calendar. But don’t mistake these vampires for blood-sucking atheists. They believe wholeheartedly in the power of Jesus’s blood. They observe Maundy Thursday as the most important day of the year. Conversely, on that day, true believers partake of the sacrament of communion as Christ showed them what it truly means to be devoted to God and to each other. But for these hideous creatures, the body and blood of Christ are a means to an end of survival. They believe Jesus to be the last prophet in “the order of Cain” these last 1,500 years, to save them from one called “the Impaler.”

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“When I was ambitiously young,

looking to grow my Nebu brand

and my Chaldean kingdom,

prophecy struck:

“an invisible hand hewed a rock

from the Mountain

that struck the base of the fountain

that raised to life a statue

with metal alloys and clay parts.

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In order to invoke imagination, we must break free from the contempt of illusion by appealing to the wondrous child in people. Doubt is the current condition; impartiality is the preferred attitude; familiarity—the hackneyed cavity; and so the method is to strike the “nerve of novelty” (as Chesterton brilliantly puts it), in order to achieve the goal of being winsome, like a fetching story…

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