Two Trees


I drew inspiration for this rhyme from W. B. Yeats’s poem “The Two Trees” and Leonard Cohen’s song “The Future,” particularly the verse “Give me Christ or give me Hiroshima.”


Even before God cultivated the Garden

and planted two trees in downtown Eden,

angels sanded and stained

beams of wood

to saddle the hill of Calvary

where the Son of God stood

as He wrote with His own blood,

a masterpiece of irony.


A holy holocaust ensued,

the land torn in two,

a juxtaposition of opposites

that still continues,

a binary of influential forces,

things visible and invisible

to choose from without apology.


Give me Abel or

Give me Cain.


Give me a shepherd’s sacrifice

(a foreshadowing of God’s sacrifice) or

Give me a basket of exotic fruits

poisoned with forbidden desire,

an omen of our planet’s destruction

and acid rain.


Give me the Cross or

Give me the Swastika.


Give me Christ or

Give me Hitler’s harmonica.


Give me objective truth or

Give me cultural relativism.


Give me a confident smile or

Give me deconstructive criticism.


Give me the Everlasting Man or

Give me the Underground Man.


Give me eternity,

feasting on common sense realism or

Give me self-loathing

born of intellectual spite and

contempt for 19th-century utilitarianism.


Give me Narnia or

Give me the Wild Lands of the North.


Give me Aslan or

Give me the White Witch

and her black dwarfs.


Give me love or

Give me porn.


Give me grace or

Give me a woman scorned.


Give me Mary Magdalene or

Give me the Witch of Endor.


Give me a calloused heart circumcised or

Give me necromancy,

the craft of divining what the future holds for

kings obsessed with winning wars.


Give me the Gospel

and one Kingdom soldier or

Give me a “Coexist” bumper sticker

for an entire Woke culture.


Give me the Ark or

Give me a worldwide flood.


Give me heaven or

Give me secrets and sins

buried under generations of mud.


Give me peace or

Give me hate.


Give me kind eyes with a side of fries or

Give me rage on a raw, red meat plate.


Give me Francis of Assisi or

Give me Faust.


Give me a humble pauper or

Give me a dissatisfied mouse.


Give me your time or

Give me your excuses.


Give me a second chance or

Give my Ego a barrage of bullets and bruises.


Give me the Tree of Life or

Give me the root responsible

for all this disease, death and strife.

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Myriam Mendieta
Myriam Mendieta
1 year ago

I liked it! Very profound. ‍♀️


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