The Poet and His Congregation to Christ: Our Beloved and Our Sweet Communion (John 6:35-59)


A POEM ABOUT COMMUNION. This my my favorite poem about the holy sacrament of communion–the intimacy, sweetness, and security of the body and blood of Christ. Enjoy “The Poet and His Congregation to Christ” by Walter Wangerin, Jr.

Come, touch my lips, my Lord, caress

With flesh the flesh of me;

One mortal morsel and my “Yes!”

Shall make me one with thee.

Come, kiss thee into me.


Suffuse my breathing and my soul

With sweetness of the wine;

No blood runs hotter nor more whole,

No scent more sweet, than thine.

I burn, thy breath in mine.


Then hold me, Christ, a hard embrace,

The holy arms around me!

Hold, hold me in your body’s grace;

Your Church’s unity

Is my security.


“The Lord be with you.” “And with you”–

What salutations here!

But since he melts into us two,

We can, nor do we fear,

Breathe out such spells, my dear.


Oh, all my people, laugh with me!

We have been loved by Christ–

We move, one nuptial company,

His bride by sacrifice,

From here to paradise.

Oh, what a wedding feast will greet

The bride and pride of Christ!


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