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Nietzsche once said that life would be meaningless without music. Actually, he said, “Without music, life would be a mistake” (Twilight of the Idols). I would have to agree. But I would also add that life without art would be absurd. Art is the soul articulating itself in living color!

Preparing for this blog entry took me off the beaten path, literally! I decided to photograph street art in San Clemente, north and south of the pier, which took me from Pico to Cristianitos (Trestles), from the street to the brush.

Most  people are familiar with the city of Laguna Beach being famous for its art. But few are familiar with San Clemente’s eclectic art. Here are some of the treasures I found.

Please leave me a comment to let me know in which part of the city, north or south, you like (the art) best.

Below are the pics north of the pier.

Below are the pics south of the pier.


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Brian Calmes
Brian Calmes
4 years ago

Well I took a good hard look at these pictures and I must say that I am torn between the art work on the north side and south side of San Clemente. I will say I am partial to the painting of the flag raising on Iwo Jima. Semiper Fi.

4 years ago

I vote North!


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