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I’d like to take this time to announce that I’m starting to work as a creative writer with a focus on hope, joy, and empathy for a company called Eloquilt, which is an in-house multimedia platform.

I technically started in August but I have two pieces that will be published this month:

“The Sabbath Curse” (my story of academic burnout and the darkness that ensued) in Elmwood Falls 2021, Vol 1, Issue 3 (a quarterly print magazine).


Indignant” (a spoken word poem about spiritual warfare) in The Backdrop. (Click here to listen to my Spoken Word!) You can also go to, then click “The Backdrop” tab, then click “Backdrop #11, September 2, 2021.” You can read along by scrolling to page 7 as you listen to the audio version, which is just below the digital magazine. You should see a cool album cover (thanks to Cameron Smith) of metal being forged on an anvil with a play button. *This poem was adapted from a prayer written by my therapist, Kevin Kridner.

Thanks for accompanying me through this exciting journey!



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2 years ago

Excited to see how the Lord uses your incredible talent in this new venture. Your writings and poetry are gifts to the world and I’m happy to know that a whole new audience will benefit from them. Congratulations!


It is well known that the Sandinistas were funded and trained in Cuba under Che Guevara and Fidel Castro’s Cuban Revolution as well as being indirectly funded by the Soviet Union under Mikhail Gorbachev. This training commenced in the ’60s and the war officially ended on July 19, 1979, when Somoza’s army surrendered. The Sandinistas—led…

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Category: Art, Beauty, Nature, Poetry, Suffering

This poem was inspired by a poem written by my dear friend, Jerome Gastaldi, whom you may know as Bob Abbott. The last stanza starts . . . Some do not want to know. For the pain of knowing  Is the death Of their illusion. —Jerome Gastaldi Riding the train. A pane of glass is…

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The first masked man provokes the captive: “Any last words before I separate your skull from your body?”

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