Elephant Ears


Category: Beauty, Nature, Poetry

A curl within a curl

within a curl

ad infinitum.


A turquoise fractal

with salty skin

and a wicked tongue.


The golden ratio—

multiplying itself

in eternal swirls—

a pillow for Poseidon.


I stare out at the horizon,

blue walls of hydrogen

and oxygen molecules

holding hands


as I listen with elephant ears

to the peels

of white-cap backpacks

on these eternal sojourners.


The butterfly-effect is real.


Towers that bend

as my feet descend

to taste the ripe fruit

of exotic wings


is the passport

time forgot.


Christian apologetics exists to defend the faith from erroneous although imaginative arguments. It’s no wonder why apologists hold human imagination with severe suspicion. But as implied, it’s not the imagination itself that should be held in question, it’s the irrational and/or unscrupulous use of it, which has a tendency to smuggle in self-serving desires, which…

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No sooner than he closes his eyes, he feels a sharp pain in the frontal cortex of his brain. His training has begun. The pain remains in the frontal lobe for over three hours with fluctuating degrees of intensity. Mentally, physically, and emotionally, he’s depleted of energy and patience to the point of insanity. He feels conflicted, wanting to proceed with his transhumanist project in order to be perfect and live forever, but his suffering is unbearable.

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The silence—a ceaseless chiseling. There’s a child screaming. I run to the window to look outside only to find the relentless tinkling of rain ricocheting off the top of metal cars.  I come back inside. I hear it again. This time I run out the front door not caring that my favorite shoes are getting…

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