Carmel and Its Charm


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On a recent trip with my wife to Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, we got to experience most of what makes this town so charming. Besides being known for its celebrity-influenced politics–Clint Eastwood as former mayor and Doris Day as animal welfare activist–Carmel is world famous for its European-style architecture.

Below are some personal pics of our short but inspirational trip for your enjoyment.

Doors of Carmel

Homes of Carmel

Life in Carmel

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Category: Beauty, JESUS, Poetry

No need to second guess.   Doubting is not having faith. But who needs faith when you’re face to face?   Ushered straight to an inheritance of grace, we have all eternity to count to infinity by the melody of what’s inside His chest as He pulls us near to lay our head against His…

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If words are a bubbling brook

above the geyser of our hearts,

they’re poised

to say something about

the nature of our spirituality—

a disjointed but shared reality—

seeking comfort

in the womb of bad religion.

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This poem is for all of us,
horse lovers,
who feel that horses
make the world
a better place.

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