Silence and Simplicity



Masters of stimulation,

Servants of distraction.


The tide of technology

Tickles the ears

With what we want to hear:


The titillating sound of baristas

Calling our name,

Making us glad we came:


“Grande caramel macchiato,

Whole milk,

Upside down

With a caramel wall

And an extra shot.”


Science slips on the banana peel

Of your right to choose,

Whether you want it or not.


Truth is no longer our prized possession.

Entertainment is the jewel in our diadem

Called obsession.


Diversion is the magician’s moral code.


The rabbit of consumerism

Disappears into thin air.


This sleight-of-hand

Leaves an outstanding balance of despair.




More like relativity

With no accountability.


Facts without wisdom.


Parts stripped from the whole

Like caramel from a macchiato

Takes its diabetic toll.


We must hide the remote control.


Otherwise, we press play,

Negating our quiet place—

The soul,


Where our mind calls “home,”

Where the kingdom of God roams.


What’s at stake? You ask.

Mind control.


Listen to silence

If you can hack it.


Facebook can be a harmful wasteland,

Social media a well-purposed racket.


A dose of dopamine

Into our bloodstream

Every time we look at the screen

To excite the same neural circuitry

Used by cocaine and slot machines.


Don’t be duped

Thinking knowledge is wisdom;

It’s just information—


A complicated conspiracy

To sell us what we don’t need:


Garages with impulsive bought toys

And bookshelves with faithless white noise.




Create sacred space

Between you and the demands of life

That don’t apologize for getting up

In your face,


Leaving you feeling like a failure

In this rigmarole we call “life’s rat race.”


Inhale the fragrance of our forefathers.


Exhale the toxic fumes of overindulgence that leaves us feeling dizzy.


Bring back the art

Of silence and simplicity.


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