Mystery of Tears – Spoken Word Poem


It’s been a lot of fun taking one of my poems and turning it into spoken word.

-Just the right inflection at just the right time.

-A subtle pause and then a sudden release of emotion like a cascading waterfall.

-A rollercoaster of truth and meaning that generates the feeling … of connection. (This is what we all crave.)

Click below to enjoy it as a spoken word poem. (You can read along below if you like.) And please share it with someone who doesn’t know about the love of the Father through the redemption of Christ and restoration of the Holy Spirit.


Mystery of Tears

Spasms speak louder than words.


Gushing freedom carves canals

Down mountains of flesh.


The fulfillment of time flaps its wings

Out of the fray.


Metronome drops of Love’s deep

Fill our hearts whole


Like the Samaritan woman’s bucket

That overflowed.


What can medicate a broken heart

Better than You?


Can Love ever be so true

As to live without You?


One Man wept more than all the salty seas

Of Arabia and Egypt combined.


He left His signature

Not on palm branches,


Or sepulchers.


With redemptive properties

Of bleach and blood

He stained the earth

And broke the curse.


His captivity is our escape.


And to His distress

We cry, “Oneness!”


The curtain was torn.

Satan scorned.


He could’ve easily ended His grief.


With the blink of an eye,

He would’ve been fine,

But heaven would’ve owned a thief.


Salvation is near

For all who believe and fear—

Not by fright

But by reverence

In each tear.


Blood in His eyes.


Spear in His side.


Thorns on His brow.

His Father left Him for now.


Pierced metacarpals

And punctured pink feet.


His mockers debased Him

To a piece of raw meat.


Custom pressed onto cumbersome beams.


“It’s finished!”

He prophetically screamed.


For obedience is a far better spice

Than our greatest deeds masked

As self-sacrifice.


Pain and pleasure He holds in a jar

Of every memory we hold dear.


Truly, substitutionary atonement

Saves all who sympathize

With the mystery of tears.


A special thanks to Whitesand on Youtube for providing the “Calm and Relaxing Piano Music – Infinite (Royalty Free).”

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Melinda Green
Melinda Green
2 months ago

I love the spoken word Chester


I felt like Icarus, whose hubris led him to fly too close to sun, which melted wax on his shoulders, causing feathers to unfasten, and thus his hope of freedom to come crashing down like one of Zeus’s lightning bolts.

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“Redeem and restore
What the locusts have eaten—
O Lord—
The schemes Satan’s woven,
Our innocence … stolen.”

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True happiness is biblical, moral, pleasurable, historical, and necessary for Christian character.

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