faith over fear


I wrote this poem over an injustice committed against my family that has caused outrageous suffering.


Curt voices of prosperity

Shriek and shrill,

Intentions forsaking still,

The sound of the Psalter,

The conch shell of divinity.


Irrationality masked

As your brand of Christianity

Is the new reality.



Shrinks the heart

But causes the mind to swell

Like tumultuous stirring

Deep within,

No words can tell.


Brigand Christians bellow

From their figureheaded bow,

“Full steam ahead!”


Their brothers and sisters—

A means-to-an-end—

Fitted like seamless sardines

In the ship’s cargo hold.


To religion they’re sold

Forced to row

But choose to suffer well.


Silence in suffering

Endures the deepest hell.



The Albatross

Shot out of the crow’s nest falls.


Across the swabbed decks of impunity,

Pride goes before a fall.


Your pirate promises,

Forgetting their injury,

Waltz off the plank of pedagogy.


The Holy Spirit grieved

At your forked-tongue

The night before

You “called an audible,”

Changing your script

To please the collective,

Instead of the individual.


Faith over fear

Takes the words of Christ, seriously.


To save the one

Out of the ninety-nine,

He speaks plainly,

Not mysteriously.



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Jeremiah Courter
Jeremiah Courter
1 year ago

Beautiful and poignant.


Friends feed the inherent desire in every single one of us to be seen and heard and remembered. And that makes us feel immovable and immortal as if the universe itself came alive to witness a miracle. And nothing we say or do will ever be forgotten. (This hints at the foreshadowing of a personal relationship with the ultimate Being—immovable and immortal—who is closer to us than a brother and who created us to know Him and to be known by Him.) But what if this convivial concept of friendship escapes us?

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if you’ve dropped your keys,

hat or hash pipe

into the “rabbit hole”

of delusive fantasy,

whirling and writhing down

an eternal abyss of insanity,

further and further away

from the drain of objective reality.

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Our reassurance

is His willingness

to be caught in the cross hairs,

a red dot

at the intersection

of an atoning fare

and a predetermined time-slot.

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