My name is Chester Delagneau, and welcome to my website.

This website is about human flourishing. I have decided not to limit my interest merely to morality, but extend it to all things flourishing, including but not limited to theology, philosophy, psychology, science, cinema, music, art/culture, literature, poetry/short stories, polity (community), politics, prayer, service, suffering, scripture, spiritual formation (soul care), family, friendship, finances, fitness, medicine, nutrition, nature, and, not least of all, beauty.

As one can see, human flourishing or happiness is a holistic process. It’s not something one accomplishes via an isolated discipline, and for that matter it’s not practiced in isolation from community. Moreover, happiness is not acquired overnight, rather over a lifetime. It is the highest good necessary for living the “good life,” as ancient and medieval philosophers called it.

I look forward to posting what I consider thoughtful, creative, inspirational, and/or challenging posts, which I hope you look forward to reading and commenting on. My goal is to post regularly; that is, minimally once a week on Fridays, if not sooner.

If this blog is successful, I aspire to podcast about human flourishing and all that that entails.

Happy Human Flourishing,

Chester Delagneau